Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Top 3 Tricks to Reset Asus Windows 8 Password

Asus laptop is widely used for its power performance. As the latest system, Windows 8 allows you to create several accounts for each users. So it may raise a risk to reset Asus passwordhttp://www.lostwindowspassword.com/article/reset-asus-password.html) Windows 8.

reset asus windows 8 password

If you forgot Windows 8 admin password and get locked out of Asus laptop, don't dwell on that, it happens a lot. Now the bigger question is how to get into a locked asus computer? It's actually very simple, just bypass Windows 8 password, but how? Yes. There is. Let’s learn how to reset Windows 8 password in Asus laptop. What’s more, it can support all the models of Asus below.

Asus A53Z
Asus G75VW
Asus VivoBook S400CA
Asus N56VM
Asus A55A
Asus F55A
Asus A55VD
Asus VivoBook X202E
Asus Q200E
Asus N56VJ
Asus A54C
Asus Republic of Gamers G75VW
Asus X55U
Asus A53U

Here are 3 easy tricks that will teach you how to reset Asus Windows 8 password:

Trick 1. Reset Asus Windows 8 login password with administrator account

In Windows 8, 7, vista, xp, 2000, 2003 and 2008, administrator account can create, change, remove or reset the password for any other account.
You can ask people who has administrator account to help you recover Windows 8 password for Asus laptop (also Windows 7/XP/Vista). But if you are the only user in your computer, you should pass this method.

Step 1: Click "Start" button, type "lusrmgr.msc" in the Search box and press "Enter" key.
Step 2: Double-click the Users folder, and all user accounts will be listed. Then right-click a user account which you want to reset its password and select "Set Password".

Trick 2. Reset Asus Windows 8 login password with reset disk

If you have a Windows 8 password reset disk, follow the instructions below to reset Asus laptop Windows 8 password. However, the premise is that you should reset disk as you still have access to your password. Actually people don’t do that.
    1. A message will prompt the user name or password is incorrect when enter an error password.
    2. Click OK, and then click reset disk.
    3. Insert Windows password reset disk.
    4. Follow the password reset wizard to create a new password.

Trick 3. Reset Asus Windows 8 login password with Windows 8 Password Key Tool

If you forgot Windows 8 administrator password on Asus laptop and the below 2 tricks didn't work for you, you should considering using Windows 8 Password Key Toollostwindowspassword.com), it's an user-friendly password unlocker tool that makes bypass Windows 8 password a piece of cake. Download Windows 8 Password Key Tool free and run it on another available computer, then do as the following 2 easy steps to learn how to reset password in Windows 8:

Step 1. Insert the early prepared blank USB flash drive to the computer with Windows 8 Password Key installed. Then click “Burn” to create a password reset disk.
Step 2. Insert the burned password reset disk to your locked Windows 8 PC and set it boot from USB in BIOS.
Step 3. Remove the forgotten Windows 8 password by typing “y” without quotations to confirm removing the forgotten password after you select the target password-forgotten Windows 8 user account.

There is no doubt that the last one is the best way for you to choose. If you forgot Administrator password in Asus Laptop in Windows 8, you can have a free trial for the first part if you download the tool (other accounts as well). What’s more, it is compatible to use for Windows 7/XP/Vista and Windows 2012/2011/2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000 servers. You can easily and efficiently use it to reset Windows 8 password on Asus laptop.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fujitsu Unveils 6 New Windows 8.1 Laptops and Tablets for Business

Fujitsu today announces no less than six new notebook and tablet PCs supporting Windows 8.1 devices aimed at business.

fujitsu windows 8.1 ultrabook
There are 2 touchscreen laptops are adding the lifebook series: the U904 Ultrabook and the S904. The former has a 14-inch 3,200 x 1,800 IGZO display while the latter has a 13.3-inch 2,560 x 1,440 panel. Both of them include up to Core i7 Haswell processors, LTE radios and 512GB SSDs.

When comes to Lifebook range, the T904 and T734 is no exception. Both of them are able to apply rotating displays to go into tablet model. In additional, bar the stylus-friendly 13.3-inch 2,560 x 1,440 IGZO screen and mobile data choices, but Fujitsu doesn't seem to have nailed down the T904's hardware options just yet. However,  The T734 sports a 12.5-inch 1,366 x 768 display, up to a fourth-gen Core i7 processor, as well as various HDD / SSD selections and data radio configs.

So what about Fujitsu Stylistic tablets? The Q704 with 12.5-inch (1,920 x 1,080) and the Q584 with 10.1-inch (2,560 x 1,600 res).
Well, both of them re "semi-ruggedized" as standard, with optional NFC, LTE, special shells, cradles and keyboard docks. The Q704 supports up to a Core i7 chip and 256GB SSD, while the Q584 packs a BayTrail-T SoC with Atom Z3770 CPU and up to an 128GB SSD.

When Will they available?
• LIFEBOOK U904 available from mid of October 2013
• LIFEBOOK S904 available from mid of November 2013
• STYLISTIC Q584 available from end of November 2013
• STYLISTIC Q704 available from mid of December 2013
• LIFEBOOK T904 available from beginning of January 2014
• LIFEBOOK T734 available from beginning of January 2014

Are you waiting for Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet? Or are you using them now? No matter what are you answers, I am sure that you will use them in the future. For Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet user, the most hot topic is how to reset Windows 8.1 password. No matter what brand laptop or tablet you are using, this topic you may concern in the future. As the newest operating system, Windows 8.1 password reset is really hard for you. Don’t worry, Here is a video guide especially for you!

Feeling good? I hope you enjoy it!