Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Top 3 ways to break Administrator Password in Windows 7 without Login

Being locked out of Windows 7 computer in the case of forgetting Windows 7 administrator password and don't know how to break. Take it easy. You can master how to break administrator password in Windows 7 without login in top 3 ways as below.

Top1: To use Windows Password Recovery to break administrator password Windows 7

Step1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery on any accessible computer.
Step2: Burning Windows Password Recovery to a CD/DVD or USB disk. Then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 7 computer.

Step3: Choosing the administrator account to break the password, after that restart your computer. You can login without administrator password.

To break Windows7 administrator password is divided into two, one is not forget the password to log in, the other is able to log in, but the password is forgotten. Specifically how to solve the problem in both cases it, please see the following detailed answer.

Top 2: Do not forget the password to log into the management Windows 7 password breaking methods

Step 1: Getting a U-PE.
Step 2: Into the PE, and then locate the system installation disk into the drive system - Windows folder -system32 folder, find the "OSK.exe", in addition to a copy tray, then the CMD .exe copied to the E drive.

Step 3: Then the E disk CMD.exe renamed OSK.exe, 'cut' to the system drive -"Windows" folders -system32 Folder 'cover' the original OSK.exe.
Step 4: After that shut down, enter the Windows7 system, click on the lower left corner of the screen to enter the password in "Tools" button.

Step 5: Then choose not to use the keyboard to type. On here enter net user to change the password, for example: My username is MYTH, put password reset 123456, then enter net user MYTH 123456.

Step 6: Finally, enter the password screen, enter the password you just reset can log in, and finally do not forget to F disk OSK.exe then covered back system32 folder.
Note: If you are prompted to seize power can't be modified, or return to PE Lane changes, otherwise just what people can use this to modify your password.

Top 3: The administrator can log on Windows 7 password breaking methods

If you can log in, but you forget the password can't be modified, it is easier to crack passwords.
Step 1: Click "Start", find the "Run".
Step 2: In the run box type CMD, press the "enter" key to enter, then enter the string command: net user name you want to change your user password.

In the end of reading on this blog, do you correct know how to break administrator password in Windows 7 without login? If not, you can try to read again to remember more. You can choose the easiest method to yourself.