Friday, 1 August 2014

Top 4 Options to Unlock Forgotten Windows 8 Login Password

After a shining interface of a new system, which is fairly different from any previous system, appears to us. Most of us have bought Windows 8 computers or have updated their computers from Windows 7 to Windows 8. For the sake of numerous of hackers it’s essential for us to set a strong password to protect our computer data. Meanwhile, some precautionary measures should also be taken in case that the password we have created on Windows 8 is forgotten or lost. However, all the Windows 8 users don’t know and remember to take these preventive measures. If you are a green hand with Windows 8, there are still 4 common options for you to unlock forgotten Windows 8 login password.
top 4 options to unlock windows 8 login password

Option 1: Unlock Windows 8 Password with Another Accessible Administrator Account.

Please click the links below according to the following sequence.
Windows 8 Control Panel>> User Accounts and Family Safety>> User Accounts>> Manage another account>> ...user you would like to change>> Change password
Enter a new password in both the first and second text boxes and then click "Change password" button. Password change operation then will be completed successfully.

Option 2: Use a Previous Created Windows 8 Password Reset Disk.

Step 1: Click “Reset password” after it says Windows 8 password incorrect.
Step 2: After the password reset wizard appears, insert your password reset disk and click "Next".
Step 4: Select the drive where the password reset disk is located.
Step 5: Type in your new password and password hint then click "Next"

Option 3: Unlock forgotten Windows 8 Login Password  with Your Microsoft Account Password Online.

Windows 8 gives you an option to sign up for a Microsoft account. If you have forgotten your Windows 8 password, you can unlock your Microsoft Account password online on any accessible computer or device, including your smart phone.

Note: If you login with something other than an email address, like your name or some other handle, then you're using a local account and this method won't work.

Option 4: Take Use of Windows 8 Password Unlocker-Windows Password Key.

Windows Password Key is a professional Windows 8 password unlocker. It is able to unlock computer passwords for local administrator and local user accounts and support all computer brands, such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Samsung, Sony and so on. Here’s how to unlock Windows 8 password with this software:
1. Download Windows Password Key in another accessible computer;
2. Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Key;
3. Burn a boot-able CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive with Windows Password Key;
4. Unlock Windows 8 password with the burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.

Have you got some advice after reading the top 4 options to unlock Windows 8 login password? As far as I’m concerned, a password reset disk is the easiest way to unlock a forgotten Windows 8 password. But what to do if you don’t have created a reset disk in advance. Hey! Take it easy. Windows Password Key is just intended to solve your problem.