Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to Find Saved Passwords Windows 10

As far as we all know that, when you lost Windows password, you will be locked out of computer. So how can we find Windows 10 lost password easily and safely? There is a simple guide for us as below.

How to find lost Windows 10 password with Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is a all in one Windows password recovery software on Google. This software can help your reset all versions Windows password in just 3 steps.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using the preparing CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Recovery on it, then insert the newly created disk to the computer that you need find password.

Step 3: Starting the Windows 10 computer from the newly created disk, then choosing the account that you want to find its password. After that, restart the computer. You have found the password successfully.

How to Fix Windows 10 password lost

Step 1: You need to use Microsoft's browser to open a specific URL to reset your password. The URL is- account live.com.
Step 2: Landing page appears, directly select the "Can't access your account," the column. Direct Select "I forgot my password".
Step 3: In the pop-up page, enter the password to retrieve mail account, then enter the test code - Next.

There was a need Point:
Option 1: If Microsoft has been bound mailbox security can be operated 2 steps as below.
Option 2: If there is no binding security mailbox, press 7 to 8 steps operation.
Step 1: If there is a secure mailbox, the page will automatically show you bind security mailbox, click on the first item.

Step 2: Then enter the name of the mailbox will be asked to complete security mailbox, enter the correct, then click "Send code".
Step 3: At this time directly on the computer directly login to your secure mailbox, Microsoft sent the code to find the back page, select "I already have a verification code".

Step 4: After entering the code directly, if the test is correct, the page will pop up to let you enter a new password, set your password, the new password to log in directly. 
Step 5: If security is not bound mailbox, you need to answer the security question.

Step 6: In Retrieve Password page, do not appear secure mailbox tips-bound, or their secure mailbox to forget, it would need to select "I do not have any of them" - the next step.
 Step 7: Here the page will ask you to enter a password to get back the account, there is a link to your e-mail address.

Step 8: Then lists a lot of problems, need you to answer, not necessarily the full answer, but the question to answer more detailed, the better for you to reset your password, and answer completed, click "Submit", and then wait patiently replied Microsoft . Send a reply message to the contact mailbox.

Top 2 methods you can learn how to find lost Windows 10 password in easy and safe way. You can choose the best method to follow just depend on your own condition.