Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Best Admin Utility to See Passwords in Windows 10

If you have no knowledge about how to see Windows 10 admin password, you can follow the detail guide below to learn the top 3 ways about Windows password reset, see or remove.

The best admin utility to see passwords in Windows 10 is Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is the tool that we can use it to recover all versions Windows password in just several minutes. So in the case of being locked out of Windows 10 computer, you can follow Windows password key use guide below to login again.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using a prepared blank USB disk to burn Windows Password Key on it. Before this step, you should backup the data on USB disk at first, since in the process of burning, all data will be erased.

Step 3: Insert newly created disk to computer, start your computer from this disk.
Step 4: Here to choose Windows 10 admin account that you want to recover or see its password. Then restart Windows 10 computer, there is no password requirement.

How to change Windows 10 administrator password

Step 1: Right click start menu , then select Control Panel. Switch to large icons mode.
Step 2: Select administrative tools, then select Computer Management to select Local Users and Groups, after that is to select the administrator user.

Step 3: The right to choose set password, then you will be prompted whether to continue or enter a new password and click OK.

The method to Microsoft Windows 10 system to modify account password

For Windows 10 system users, some prefer to use a local account, while others prefer to use a Microsoft account. Then we know how to modify the system in the Windows 10 Microsoft account your password?

Step 1: To click on the Start menu, find and click on the "Computer Setup." Then set up the computer screen, click "account".
Step 2: In the Account screen, click on the left "Login Options" in the right window to find and click on the "Password" option below "Change".

Step 3: Then enter the "Verify your Microsoft account" screen, enter the Microsoft account password, click "Next".
Tips: Change the Microsoft account password on the PC, with Microsoft's Web site simultaneously. Open the Microsoft Web site speed is the speed and the use of the case maybe!

Step 4: The subsequent changes in your Microsoft account password interface, will still need to enter a password, and then enter the new password twice, click Next, then follow the prompts on it!
Note: Microsoft account password security for users that use Microsoft accounts is very important, which is synchronized with your profile.

Top 3 methods to teach you how to recover admin passwords in Windows 10 easily. If you have any trouble about how to reset/remove/recover Windows password, you can leave the issues on our site comment section.