Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to Bypass Windows 10 Password in HP Pavilion

"Forgot Windows 10 password on HP Pavilion laptop? How can I bypass HP Pavilion without restoring it to factory settings?" Well you have come to the right place! In this tutorial we will walk you through how to bypass Windows 10 password on HP Pavilion  using a newly created boot disk, in case your Windows 10 password is lost or forgotten. With a newly created boot disk you can reset your Windows 10 password and get right into your HP pavilion.

How to bypass Windows 10 password in HP Pavilion with Windows Password Key

Because you’ve been locked out of your HP Pavilion laptop, you can’t install any software on it. To reset your lost password, you need to create a boot disk on another PC you have access to. Next you have to turn off the Secure Boot option in BIOS in order to get your HP Pavilion to boot from the disk. After booting from the CD it enables you to reset lost Windows 10 admin/user password easily! This guide can be divided into 3 steps:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any enterable computer.
Step 2: Using a blank USB to burn Windows Password Recovery on it. Then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 10 HP Pavilion. Boot your computer from the disk.

Note: In the tool burning process, all data in the disk will erased, so you should backup disk data at first.
Step 3: Follow the guide, here you can choose Windows 10 account to bypass its password. After that, click restart the computer, you will find there is no password required.

How to reset Forgotten HP Pavilion password with Windows Installation DVD

Windows installation DVD is the only program you can use when installing Windows OS on a computer. This usually the first method we could think up when we needed to regain the access to a locked computer. It does works but it will permanently delete all user data on hard drive. After this, you have to download and install drivers as well other programs. It will take hours to make the computer work as normal.

Step 1: Find a normal Windows PC with DVD Drive. Insert the DVD into computer and change first boot device to DVD in BIOS Settings.

Step 2: Follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows OS on the computer.
Step 3: Get into the computer without password and install missing drivers. Redownload and install the program you need for normal usage.

In the end, have you got how to bypass Windows 10 password in HP Pavilion easily? If not, you can try to read again and acquire this skill. Any troubles in the process of following the guide, you can get solutions on our website.

Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Fix Require Password on Wakeup Missing in Windows 10

A part of Windows 10 users are facing the trouble of Windows 10 wakeup missing require password. But they don't know how to cancel that password. Below we can learn how to cancel wakeup missing required password easily.

How to set the wake password is required in Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click the desktop space, in the pop-up menu, select "personalized"; then to click the Screen Saver and Screen Saver Settings screen, click on "Change Power Settings", as in Figure 2.
Step 2: The power settings set interface, click on the left of the "Require a password on wakeup" option.

Step 3: The next page, we need to first click "Change Settings is currently unavailable," or else the following options cannot be set.
Step 4: The general situation is that the default choice [Require a password]. Therefore, in the third step to set up a screen saver when you can achieve the basic standby computer password.

How to cancel the sleep wake Password in Windows 10

Install a new version of Windows 10 systems friend if you set the sleep function, the system will default passwords need to wake up, a lot of trouble, here about how to cancel wakeup password.

Step 1: Press win (window key) + X key combination. In the pop-up menu, select Control Panel.
Step 2: Select System and Security to enter, select Power Options to enter.

Step 3: Require password option is selected to wake, select Change Settings is currently unavailable.
Step 4: Check the bottom without a password, click the button to save the changes.

Under Windows 10 systems require a password to wake how to cancel

Step 1: Click the bottom left corner of the desktop menu system.
Step 2: the pop-up menu in the system menu bar click All applications.

Step 3: to find Windows systems grouped under the W in all applications inside.
Step 4: Click the Windows system control panel.

Step 5: the pop-up control panel interface where one click System and Security.
Step 6: Click on System and Security Power Options inside below require a password to wake the computer.

Step 7: click Change settings that are currently unavailable interface.
Step 8: do not need to choose a password on wakeup option in a password-protected.
Step 9: Click Save Changes settings to take effect.

In the end, have you acquired how to fix Windows 10 wake missing require password? If the trouble to you is about how to recover lost password. You can get more detail answers on our website.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Best Admin Utility to See Passwords in Windows 10

If you have no knowledge about how to see Windows 10 admin password, you can follow the detail guide below to learn the top 3 ways about Windows password reset, see or remove.

The best admin utility to see passwords in Windows 10 is Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is the tool that we can use it to recover all versions Windows password in just several minutes. So in the case of being locked out of Windows 10 computer, you can follow Windows password key use guide below to login again.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using a prepared blank USB disk to burn Windows Password Key on it. Before this step, you should backup the data on USB disk at first, since in the process of burning, all data will be erased.

Step 3: Insert newly created disk to computer, start your computer from this disk.
Step 4: Here to choose Windows 10 admin account that you want to recover or see its password. Then restart Windows 10 computer, there is no password requirement.

How to change Windows 10 administrator password

Step 1: Right click start menu , then select Control Panel. Switch to large icons mode.
Step 2: Select administrative tools, then select Computer Management to select Local Users and Groups, after that is to select the administrator user.

Step 3: The right to choose set password, then you will be prompted whether to continue or enter a new password and click OK.

The method to Microsoft Windows 10 system to modify account password

For Windows 10 system users, some prefer to use a local account, while others prefer to use a Microsoft account. Then we know how to modify the system in the Windows 10 Microsoft account your password?

Step 1: To click on the Start menu, find and click on the "Computer Setup." Then set up the computer screen, click "account".
Step 2: In the Account screen, click on the left "Login Options" in the right window to find and click on the "Password" option below "Change".

Step 3: Then enter the "Verify your Microsoft account" screen, enter the Microsoft account password, click "Next".
Tips: Change the Microsoft account password on the PC, with Microsoft's Web site simultaneously. Open the Microsoft Web site speed is the speed and the use of the case maybe!

Step 4: The subsequent changes in your Microsoft account password interface, will still need to enter a password, and then enter the new password twice, click Next, then follow the prompts on it!
Note: Microsoft account password security for users that use Microsoft accounts is very important, which is synchronized with your profile.

Top 3 methods to teach you how to recover admin passwords in Windows 10 easily. If you have any trouble about how to reset/remove/recover Windows password, you can leave the issues on our site comment section.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Top 3 Tricks to Bypass Single Administrative Password of Windows 7

Even Microsoft calls on all Windows users to update their system to Windows 10, it is not surprising that there are still large percent of users who use Windows 7. To mention that, we can't ignore those persons who are still using Windows 7. Therefore, as every Windows user may face with, it is possible that the users forget their Windows login password, especially those computers that is only have administrator account. So as things happen that, how to bypass single administrative password of Windows 7 computer? In this article, we are about to talk about it.

Trick 1: Recover Windows 7 Admin Password with Password Hint
In order to bypass Windows 7 single administrator password, you need to think of why you forgot login password. Is that you remember the right password but type the wrong password carelessly? Is that because you forget to press the case matters? Is that because your family members change login password but they don't tell you in time? Or is that because of any other unexpected reasons... Anyway, if you have created a password hint in your Windows login account, you are able to use it to help you remind its password. The password hint will appear while you are pressing the incorrect password. So you can just follow the clue to recover password and login is as usual. So just follow your heart and find Admin password like Detective Conan!

Trick 2: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with Reset Disk

If there is a password reset disk you are able to figure out, just take advantage of this magic disc to start reset login password of Admin account. You can get this Windows password reset disk when you buy a new or second-hand Windows system. Consequently, if you are able to find out the Windows password reset disk, just take it out and insert it into your locked Windows 7 computer. Follow the pop-up Windows 7 password reset wizard and try to reset password easily and quickly. It is not so different to do that. Just take it easy to reset Widows 7 admin password.

Trick 3: Bypass Windows 7 Admin Password with Password Key

Sometimes if there is just single account in your Windows 7 and it is the administrator account, then you can just bypass it with Windows Password Key. This is a professional and powerful password reset and remove tool to help you with password losing issue. It is nice and easy and simple to use. Before using it, you need to prepare another computer to download. You can see how to use it as below.   
Step 1: Download and install this tool from another accessible computer and then double click to open it. Then launch this software to from the PC.
Step 2: Find a blank USB and then inset it to the computer, burn the software to this USB.
Step 3: Take the USB to your locked PC. Change the BIOS setting to the locked computer to boot from USB.
Step 4: Restart the locked PC and then you can see the software interface and all the accounts in your Windows 7. Feel free to reset or remove login password of Windows 7 admin account.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to Find Saved Passwords Windows 10

As far as we all know that, when you lost Windows password, you will be locked out of computer. So how can we find Windows 10 lost password easily and safely? There is a simple guide for us as below.

How to find lost Windows 10 password with Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is a all in one Windows password recovery software on Google. This software can help your reset all versions Windows password in just 3 steps.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using the preparing CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Recovery on it, then insert the newly created disk to the computer that you need find password.

Step 3: Starting the Windows 10 computer from the newly created disk, then choosing the account that you want to find its password. After that, restart the computer. You have found the password successfully.

How to Fix Windows 10 password lost

Step 1: You need to use Microsoft's browser to open a specific URL to reset your password. The URL is- account
Step 2: Landing page appears, directly select the "Can't access your account," the column. Direct Select "I forgot my password".
Step 3: In the pop-up page, enter the password to retrieve mail account, then enter the test code - Next.

There was a need Point:
Option 1: If Microsoft has been bound mailbox security can be operated 2 steps as below.
Option 2: If there is no binding security mailbox, press 7 to 8 steps operation.
Step 1: If there is a secure mailbox, the page will automatically show you bind security mailbox, click on the first item.

Step 2: Then enter the name of the mailbox will be asked to complete security mailbox, enter the correct, then click "Send code".
Step 3: At this time directly on the computer directly login to your secure mailbox, Microsoft sent the code to find the back page, select "I already have a verification code".

Step 4: After entering the code directly, if the test is correct, the page will pop up to let you enter a new password, set your password, the new password to log in directly. 
Step 5: If security is not bound mailbox, you need to answer the security question.

Step 6: In Retrieve Password page, do not appear secure mailbox tips-bound, or their secure mailbox to forget, it would need to select "I do not have any of them" - the next step.
 Step 7: Here the page will ask you to enter a password to get back the account, there is a link to your e-mail address.

Step 8: Then lists a lot of problems, need you to answer, not necessarily the full answer, but the question to answer more detailed, the better for you to reset your password, and answer completed, click "Submit", and then wait patiently replied Microsoft . Send a reply message to the contact mailbox.

Top 2 methods you can learn how to find lost Windows 10 password in easy and safe way. You can choose the best method to follow just depend on your own condition.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to Boot Your Locked Vista Computer from the Newly Burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

Normally, you can install Windows Vista to your computer with CD, DVD or USB flash drive. You can boot your Vista from the newly burned disc. However, once your computer is locked, how to boot your locked Windows Vista computer from the newly burned CD/DVD/USB flash drive? This article is going to discuss about it.

How to boot a locked Vista computer from the newly burned CD, DVD, USB flash drive? Here you can use Windows Password Key to do that. This program is designed to unlock password of any Windows system and it is always updated the version and function to support more and more Windows computer. It has 3 versions, Standard supports CD/DVD and Professional and Enterprise version support CD/DVD/USB.

Part 1: How to Burn Newly CD/DVD/USB

Step 1: Since your Vista computer is locked, you have to download Windows Password Key from HERE in another accessible Windows-based computer. It can be any Windows system.
Step 2: Install this software to the accessible computer, and then double click to open it. And then you will see the user interface.
Step 3: One is Quick Recovery, the other is Advanced Recovery. From the Quick Recovery, you can create a password reset CD/DVD/USB with default ISO image file. From the Advanced Recovery, you can create an advanced password reset CD/DVD/USB which has better hardware compatibility. Normally speaking, choose the Quick Recovery is okay.
Step 4: Then you have to choose your CD/DVD or USB flash drive. And then click the Burn button.

Step 5: And then it will pop up a window, which hints that your flash drive will be formatted, and all your data in the disc will be lost. Do you want to go on now? Just click Yes. And then Restart the computer.

Part 2: How to Boot Locked Windows Vista from CD/DVD/USB

In this part, you need to take the below disc to your locked Windows Vista computer. Then you need to restart it and then press F10 or Delete key to enter the BIOS setting. And then change the BIOS setting to boot from your disc. Then restart your computer again. After that, your locked Windows Vista will boot from the CD/DVD/USB.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Top 3 ways to break Administrator Password in Windows 7 without Login

Being locked out of Windows 7 computer in the case of forgetting Windows 7 administrator password and don't know how to break. Take it easy. You can master how to break administrator password in Windows 7 without login in top 3 ways as below.

Top1: To use Windows Password Recovery to break administrator password Windows 7

Step1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery on any accessible computer.
Step2: Burning Windows Password Recovery to a CD/DVD or USB disk. Then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 7 computer.

Step3: Choosing the administrator account to break the password, after that restart your computer. You can login without administrator password.

To break Windows7 administrator password is divided into two, one is not forget the password to log in, the other is able to log in, but the password is forgotten. Specifically how to solve the problem in both cases it, please see the following detailed answer.

Top 2: Do not forget the password to log into the management Windows 7 password breaking methods

Step 1: Getting a U-PE.
Step 2: Into the PE, and then locate the system installation disk into the drive system - Windows folder -system32 folder, find the "OSK.exe", in addition to a copy tray, then the CMD .exe copied to the E drive.

Step 3: Then the E disk CMD.exe renamed OSK.exe, 'cut' to the system drive -"Windows" folders -system32 Folder 'cover' the original OSK.exe.
Step 4: After that shut down, enter the Windows7 system, click on the lower left corner of the screen to enter the password in "Tools" button.

Step 5: Then choose not to use the keyboard to type. On here enter net user to change the password, for example: My username is MYTH, put password reset 123456, then enter net user MYTH 123456.

Step 6: Finally, enter the password screen, enter the password you just reset can log in, and finally do not forget to F disk OSK.exe then covered back system32 folder.
Note: If you are prompted to seize power can't be modified, or return to PE Lane changes, otherwise just what people can use this to modify your password.

Top 3: The administrator can log on Windows 7 password breaking methods

If you can log in, but you forget the password can't be modified, it is easier to crack passwords.
Step 1: Click "Start", find the "Run".
Step 2: In the run box type CMD, press the "enter" key to enter, then enter the string command: net user name you want to change your user password.

In the end of reading on this blog, do you correct know how to break administrator password in Windows 7 without login? If not, you can try to read again to remember more. You can choose the easiest method to yourself.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Top 3 Tricks about How to Bypass Windows 7 Professional Login Screen

"How do I bypass the Windows 7 login password without password recovery disk? My sister has passed away & I've been copying her pictures off of her laptop for the family & I haven't finished. It logged off last night and now it's asking for password & no one knows the password. I'm almost positive there is a way to go around this password but I can't seem to figure it out on my own! Please help ASAP THANX."

It comes out a common sense to create a Windows 7 password for laptop protected. At the same time, a feasible advice is to create a Windows 7 password reset disk in case that you forgot password on Windows 7 laptop. But without password reset disk, how to bypass Windows 7  password? Are there any other good and convenient ways to bypass Windows 7 password? Now, it's time to learn how to bypass Windows 7 professional login screen password with the following three tips and tricks.

Trick 1: Bypass Windows 7 Professional Login Screen with Command Prompt

By using this method, all you need is a copy of the Windows 7 Professional installation disk and Sticky Keys trick (an accessibility feature that allows a user to tap the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Windows key once to achieve the same effect as holding the key down).
Step 1. Boot your computer from the installation disk.
Step 2. After loading the setup files, select your language and click Next > click the "Repair your computer" link on the Install Windows screen > select the system to repair and click Next > click "Command Prompt" to open command prompt window.
Step 3. Now you can reset the password. Just type "net user UserName Password" (replace UserName and Password with the combination you want) and press Enter key.
Step 4. Close command prompt window, restart the computer, and then you can login with new password on login screen.
By taking this method, you will lose access to encrypted files, encrypted email messages, and the stored passwords in Internet Explorer and network resources. Remember to back up your important data regularly.

Trick 2: Windows 7 password Bypass with Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a freeware that is able to bypass password in Windows 7 local login screen. As it is free, you don't need to spend any money on it. However, it is also hard to use, and some of the users feedback it doesn't work sometimes. So you can also try to use this free way. And if it is not working, get to another methods.

Trick 3:Bypass Windows 7 Admin Password with USB Drive

If you don't have an installation disk, you can use Windows Password Buster to bypass Windows 7 admin password. This software can help you reset administrator password with USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Even if you are a computer newbie, it's possible for you to bypass the password in minutes.
Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Key Professinoal on an accessible computer from
Note: When you are trying to run some programs, the computer will ask for the permission. So please install the software on a computer that has administrator privileges.
Step 2. Run the software to make a bootable USB flash drive.
Step 3. Boot the locked computer from the USB flash drive and bypass admin password.

Though you can bypass Windows 7 Professional login screen password and login screen through Windows Password Key, you had better create a password reset disk when you are able to login computer in case that you forget the password again.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to Fix Newly Installed Windows 10 Asking for Unknown Password

After newly installed Windows 10, one day it asking for unknown password. How to fix newly installed Windows 10 asking for unknown password is below.

How to use Windows Password Key to reset Windows 10 password

Windows Password Key is a all in one tool, it can help us unlock all versions Windows password in quickest way. Learn more about its functions as below.
Step 1: Download Windows Password Key and install it on any accessible computer.

Step 2: Using a CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Key on it and then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 10 computer.
Step 3: Choosing a Windows 10 account that you want to reset the password and then click reset Windows password, after that restart the computer.

Windows 10-how to enable a local account

Windows10 systems installed in our process, through your registered account to activate the Microsoft System, so when the installation is complete, the system will default to use our Microsoft account to log on as a system user. Microsoft account password requires a complex; it's a trouble every time you sign. Briefly describe how Windows10 added local accounts, so we may as well as previous Windows 7, you can use the account without setting a password to log on.

Step 1: Windows10 system, and finally restore the start menu, start button appears on the lower left of the screen.
Step 2: Use the right mouse button to click the "Start menu" button, then select "computer management" option.
Step 3: Then computer management in the left-hand column, click on the "local users and groups" column.Then in the right pane, double-click to open the "user" section.

Step 4: You can then see which are familiar with the local user, here we can add a new user, or you can enable the disabled users. Here was disabled by the System Administrator enabled users.
Step 5: After that, please right click on the user, and then select the "Properties" option, then in the General properties page to eliminate the "account is disabled" option, and then click the "OK" button.
That’s all.

Windows 10 how to set or cancel the login password

Step 1: Click on the lower left corner of the desktop win key, enter run in the search box on the start menu, after the search to run.
Step 2: Open the run program, type netplwiz in the blank box, and then click the OK button.

Step 3: Requires a login account password: tick "use this computer, the user ... ...” click "apply", you need to fill in the account number and password was OK.
Cancel login password: enter the account page; select an account to use the computer, as shown in the following illustration, users must enter a user name and password check box to untick.

Step 4: Cancel login password: pop password account screen, enter the password, and click OK to complete the change, next time will automatically log on with this account directly from lost passwords!

After that, have you learned how to fix Windows 10 asking for unknown password in easy way? If not, read again and make it clear. Good luck to you.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Password Is Not Recognized in Windows 8, How to Fix It

Question: Password is not recognize in Windows 8, how to fix it?
“Help! Windows 8 is not recognized my password. When I login to my account on Windows 8 it tells me that my password is not correct. I have used the as directed by the login screen error many times and every time it does not accept the new password. Can you please offer me any assistance in resolving this issue? Or point me in the direction of a resolution? Are there issues with the password that my PC is checking against not updating properly?

Most of the "answers" I have seen indicate you can't help with password issues, but, obviously I am not having any issue typing in the correct password as I am logged into my account on another computer to type this, nor am I having any trouble changing the password as I have done this multiple items this morning. Sorry, but I am a little stressed that I am unable to login to my main PC since I went to bed last night. So does anyone know what to do when the password is not recognized in Windows 8? Thank you for your assistance in this matter!”

Answer 1:
Hi everyone -- not really an answer or solution here, but I had exactly the same problem as stated above.  Microsoft clearly doesn't have any solution to this (or even a desire to help).  What I had to do was the following:
1. Restore the PC from a last known good configuration:  hold down "shift" while selecting "Restart" -- this brings up some start up config settings.
2. In this start up config, find the menu item "Restore" (or something similar) and perform a restore from a last known configuration.  In my case, the last available restore was just a few days prior to my password problem.  This took approx. 20 minutes (for me), but after it completed, I was able to log in to my administrator account with my OLD password (not my most recent Microsoft Live password).
3. Go into Setup > PC Settings > Users and deselect password for the administrator account.  You will have to enter the password one last time (again, the OLD password) but when prompted for a new password, leave all the fields blank.
After doing this, I now have a local administrator profile that does not require a password.  I also deselected passwords for all of the other user profiles.

Answer 2:
Hi Everyone, I Also experienced the password problem with both local account and MS ID. The problem is that Win8 changes your keyboard so if your password contains characters other than letters and number, you are most likely entering incorrect characters without knowing. Best thing to do is enter your password in the username field so you can see the characters. Then at the bottom right, change your keyboard and test again.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How to bypass a Windows 7 Dell computer home screen when its locked out

In recent years, Dell has become one of the most popular computer brands. So when you were locked out of Windows 7 Dell computer, how to bypass the password. We can see more as below to learn how to bypass Dell computer Windows 7 password easily.

Dell Computer screen lock how to enter computer again

Step1: You should cancel screensaver password: On the desktop, right-select "Properties" - In the pop-up "Display Properties" dialog box, select the "Screen Saver" - canceled "is used when a recovery password protection."
Step2: Shortcuts: is not there when you press the alphanumeric, and if it is because you open the keypad lights num, this is more common in notebook. So before you follow the steps, you should clear which situation is yours.

Dell computer Windows7 password forgot, how to fix

Step1: You need to restart the computer, after the splash screen appears immediately, press the F8 key, and then select "Safe Mode with the command line".

Step2: In the end of the process is running, the system lists the system super user "administrator" and the local user “Jack” selection menu, mouse click "administrator", enter the command line mode.

Step3: On here you can type the command: "net “Jack” user 123456 / add", forcing the change "Jack" user's password is "123456." To this add a new user (such as: user name abcdef, password is 123456), then type "net user abcdef 123456 / add", after adding free "net local group administrators abcdef / add" command will users upgrading to system management group "administrators" of the user, and it has super powers.

Step4: Then restart the computer, running under normal mode is selected, you can use the changed password "123456" Login "Jack" user.
Of course, if you have a backup system before, then directly back to the original boot OK.

After the four steps, you can fix the trouble of Dell computer Windows 7 password forgot. However, this maybe complex for a part of Dell users to learn how to bypass Dell Windows 7 password when home screen locked out, if you feel it is hard for you, you can see more as below.

How to use Windows Password Key to bypass Windows 7 Dell computer password

Windows Password Key is one of the most popular Windows Password Recovery Tool on Google. More details about how to use Windows Password Key.

Step1: Download Windows Password Key and install it on any accessible computer.
Step2: Using a CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Key on it. And then insert newly created disk on the Windows 7 Dell computer to running Windows Password Key.
Step3: Choose the Windows 7 account that you want to bypass the password. Then restart Windows 7 Dell computer. You have bypass Windows 7 password on Dell computer easily.

Only 3 simple steps to teach you how to bypass Dell computer Windows 7 password in quickest way, hope that easy blog is helpful to you. Good luck.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

I Have Forgotten my Microsoft Account Password, What to Do?

As Windows 10 and Windows Phone come to our eyes, the Microsoft account has become important to Windows users. With Microsoft account, we are able to login all the Microsoft service such as Microsoft forum and Windows computer login service. However, what if we can’t remember Microsoft account and unable to login local user account and finally locked out of Windows PC? Don’t be panic! Here in this article, you can see how to reset Microsoft account password perfectly.

Method 1: Change Microsoft Account Password with Password Reset Link

I have forgotten my Microsoft account password and I can't update my Windows system, what can I do?” Some users ask that. Fortunately, Microsoft has made a solution to deal with this issue. Like other online websites, Microsoft provides a way to help you reset account password when you have trouble in signing in. Let’s see how to use it.

Step 1: Go to and pick up the reason that you can’t login and click it. It is in order to case by case. Here we choose “I forgot my password” and click “Next” button.

Step 2: Then you enter “Recover your account” page. You should type your Microsoft account address, the characters you see and follow the instructions to click “Next” button again.

Step 3: If you type the correct account and confirm code, Microsoft will sent a password reset link to your email address and then you are able to click it and to type the new password and login with the new password eventually.

Method 2: Reset Microsoft Account Password with Password Reset Tool

If you dislike the above method 1, you can use another wonderful way to reset Microsoft account password, which is to take advantage of Microsoft account password reset tool – Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate. You can see how to use it as below.
Step 1: Click HERE to download and install this software from another computer. Then use a flash drive to burn it.

Step 2: Take the drive to your locked computer, set BIOS to boot from your drive.

Step 3: Restart the machine again and then you can see the software interface. Choose your Microsoft account to reset it.

Friday, 30 October 2015

How to Access a Computer When You Forgot the Password on Windows 10

“I really feel so sad about that because of forgetting the password on my Windows 10 computer. I want to access my computer so that I can use it, but to my surprise I can't use it any longer. I really have no idea about the reason. I just can't remember the password of my Windows 10. Oh I forgot my Windows 10 login password, how to recover it? ”

Sometimes we are so busy about our life, so it is possible for us to remember all the things, such as our Windows login password. If you use the Windows 10 operating system, it is more likely for you to lose it. Now that we forgot the password of the computer local account login password, is there any way to recover it? YES! In this article, we are going to talk about how to access a computer when you forgot the password on Windows 10 instantly. Now you can see the solutions as below.

Solution 1: Reinstall Windows 10
If you can’t remember Windows 10 login password, don’t worry about it too much! You can reinstall it in this method. It is known to us that once we can’t access to Windows 10, the first way is to reinstall it. And at the same time, it seems that Windows 10 is not as popular as Windows 7. Some Windows users update their system to Windows 10 but then they dislike it. Consequently, they would like to use Windows 7 again. At this time, you forgot password in Windows 10, you can take this chance to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 by reinstalling it.

Solution 2: Windows 10 Administrator Privilege
If there are not only one account in the computer and the lose password account is not admin account, you can use the admin privilege to do that. Just login the admin account and then click the Start button, open “Control Panel” and then enter “All Control Panel Items” and then enter “User Accounts”. Then you can see “Manage another account”. Then choose the lost password account, then you can change Windows 10 password at last.

Solution 3: Windows 10 Password Reset Key
Compare to Solution 1 and 2, the more effective way is to take advantage of Solution 3. In this way, we may attempt third-party software to reset Windows 10 user account password when you forgot it. Perhaps it is easier than other free way. Now you can see how to use Windows password Key, one of the best Windows password reset tool in the world, as below.
Step 1: Download the full version of Windows Password Key and then install it. Remember in this step, you have to download and install it to another Windows 10/8.1/7/XP computer.
Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive with this program by using the other accessible computer. Then take it and insert it to your locked Windows 10 computer.
Step 3: Restart your locked pc and then change the BIOS setting to boot your pc from CD or DVD or USB flash drive.
Step 4: Enter the software user interface and then recover Windows 10 login password successfully.

Friday, 11 September 2015

How Can I Retrieve My Windows 10 Local Password

With more and more Windows users upgrade their computer system to Windows 10. Troubles about Windows 10 are coming too. Such as Windows 10 local password retrieves. Do you know how to retrieve Windows 10 local password? If you don’t know, you can get answers as below.

How do you reset Windows 10 local user password.

Some users use Windows 10 system there is a case: set a password for local accounts, but usually use the Microsoft account login system, a long time forget the password for the local account. At this time want to use a local account, then it can only be reset local account password.
Step1: Press Win + R key combination to run the command that appears, enter "lusrmgr.msc" Enter.
Step2: In the pop-up [Local Users and Groups (Local) Users] interface, click on the left panel to select "User", in the right panel, facing its own local account, click the right mouse button, menu, select "Set Password "prompt interface will pop up, click" Continue"
Step3: In the subsequent pop-up "after setting a password for XXX" screen, enter the new password twice to determine, local users and groups interface appears will prompt "Password Settings" and click OK on it!
While this approach can reset the password Windows10 system local account, but only have to have Microsoft account, and log the Windows10 system. Of course, the advanced method to crack Windows system power-on password has long been, interested users may wish to explore something on their own.

How to use the tool-Windows Password Recovery Tool to retrieve Windows 10 local password.

Windows Password Recovery Tool is a most powerful tool for Windows lost or forgotten password recovery. Here you can use this tool to retrieve your Windows 10 local password as below.
Step1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool on the Website as below, then install and run it on Windows 10 computer.
Step2: Burn the Windows Password Recovery Tool to CD/DVD or USB drive.
Step3: Set BIOS on the computer from the disk that you have newly created.
Step4: Select the Windows 10 local account that you want to retrieve password, and then choose remove password. After that you can retrieve your Windows 10 local password easy and fast.

How to Enable or Add Windows 10 Local Accounts.

In the process we installed Windows10 system, the need to register through their Microsoft account to activate the system, so when after the installation is complete, the system will default to use our account at Microsoft to make as the system login user. Because Microsoft account password complexity requirements, making all feel a lot of trouble each time you log. Here is a brief introduction how to add a local account under Windows10, so that it can be the same as the previous Windows 7, you cannot set a password using the account to login.
Step1: In the Windows10 system, and finally restore the Start menu, in the lower left corner of the screen appears the Start button.
Step2: Then right-click on the "Start Menu" button, then select "Computer Management" option, as shown in Figure
Step3: Then in the left column of the Computer Management, click the "Local Users and Groups" column, as shown in Figure
Step4: And then double-click to open the "User" column in the right pane, as shown in Figure
Step5: then you can see what a familiar local users, then we can in here to add new users, you can enable disabled users. Here enable the disabled system Administrator user, for example, as shown in Figure
Step6: Then right-click the user, then select "Properties" option, as shown in Figure
Step7: Followed by the General Properties page, clear the "Account is disabled" option, then click the "OK" button.
Step8: If you want to add a new account, then, in the space here, just click the right mouse button, you can see there is the option to add new users.
Step9: Then we write-off accounts, you can see the welcome screen or just enable a newly added local user.
Step10: When the first log in the new user, the system will automatically install some application software, please be patient.

By following those methods above, you can choose which method is best for you to retrieve your Windows 10 local password.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to Deal With Administrator Account is Disabled in Dell Windows 10

Since Windows 10 published on last month, a part of Windows users upgraded to Windows 10. However, a popular thing occurred on Windows 10. Administrator account disabled in Dell Windows 10, how can we deal with it?
How to enable the administrator account.
Step1: With the "Win + X" key combination to open the Run, Run box, type: net user administrator / active: yes and click OK.
Step2: Then ALT + F4, select Log, you can see the administrator account, click enter. Remember to log out the best exit and re-enter their account, the next reboot will automatically enter the administrator account. Later want to use the administrator account, log saw.
How to disable the administrator account.
Step1: Open Run as "Win + X" key combination, in the run box type: net user administrator / active: no.
Step2: Log off the system administrator account is gone!

Step3: Direct access to the application with the Administrator account (Administrator account metro application activation).
Step4: With "Win + R", then enter: gpedit.msc --- --- Start the Group Policy Editor Computer Configuration --- Windows Settings Security Settings --- --- --- Local Policies Security Options, look on the right a strategy: "User account Control: For built-in administrator account in Admin Approval Mode", double-click to open the change to "Enabled", determined to exit to restart your computer.
How to deal with administrator account is disabled in Dell Windows 10.
Step1: Then enter Win8 desktop, you simultaneously press win + X on the keyboard shortcut to open a shortcut window of the computer, open the window, you click to select Command Prompt option.
Step2: Open the Command Prompt window, you enter the net local group Administrators command, and then press Enter, the feedback window that appears, you check whether there is only one Administrator account.
Step3: And then you restart your own win8 computer into safe mode, the time log, you can see the administrator account, and you click on the account login. 
Step4: After entering the system, you simultaneously press win + R to open the Run window, and in which you enter "netplwiz.exe and press Enter to open the window, you select the account to be set and double-click to open, after the switching the "Group Members" tab, the "Test 1" is set to the account "Administrator (Administrator group), and click the OK button, and then return to the" Advanced User Account Control "and then click OK. 
Using a tool to deal with administrator account is disabled in Dell Windows 10.
Windows Password Key, a much popular tool for Windows password reset on Google, so you can learn more about it as below.

Step1: Download Windows Password Key on any PC you can access to.
Step2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB drive with this program in minutes.
Note: Make sure the CD/DVD is blank and writeable, the USB drive is blank, or the data will be erased after burning.
Step3: Insert the reset disk in your locked computer, boot the computer from the disk.
Step4: Then you can use the newly created reset disk to recovery your disabled administrator account Windows 10 password easy and fast.
I hope that after reading this blog, you can get the answers for how to deal with administrator account disabled in Dell Windows 10.