Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to Enable Administrator Account in Toshiba Windows 7

Don’t know how to enable disabled administrator account in Toshiba Windows 7, take it easy, read this article as below to get the answers about how to enable disabled administrator account in Toshiba Windows 7.

Top1: Use professional tool- Windows password Key to enable Toshiba Windows 7 password disabled account.

This method is easy enough for computer idiot to follow - it doesn't require using the Recovery Console or any complicated commands.  Within 5 minutes you can enter your Toshiba computer easily.
Step1: Download, install Windows Password Key on an useful computer. Insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Launch this software and click "Burn" to burn a password reset disk.
Step2: Plug the newly burned disk into your locked Toshiba computer. Set BIOS to make this computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB. It will reboot. (Check how to reset BIOS password first if your BIOS is protected with a password).
Step3: After it fully loads, Windows password key appears. Follow the steps above, then you can enable Toshiba disabled administrator account successfully.

Top2: Use computer program instructions to enable disabled administrator account in Toshiba Windows 7.

To go "Safe Mode" and follow these instructions.
Step1: Right click on "My Computer"-----> click on "Manage"--> "Computer
Management" Window will be opened.
Step2: At left side double click on "Local Users and Groups" ----> under it, click on
"Users"---->Now at the right click you can find all the users. 
Step3:Now select your user and right click on it----->Select "Properties"---->then
uncheck the checkbox "Account is disabled". (Note: if account is locked option
is also selected, then uncheck that option also).
Then Click on OK--->close the computer management window. 
Step4: Restart your PC and try to login in normal mode.

Top3: The best method for computer genius to enable disabled administrator account in Toshiba Windows 7.

This error can usually be fixed by following the steps below. Doing all this requires a certain level of computer skills. You know yourself best and whether taking the machine to a competent local computer tech (not a BigComputerStore/GeekSquad type of place) is the better solution for you.
Step1: Log into another user account with administrative privileges. If you neglected to make an extra administrative account do Steps 2-3. Otherwise continue at Step 4. Also see the general information about setting up user accounts at the end of this post.
Step2: Boot into Safe Mode. Do this by repeatedly tapping the F8 key as the computer is starting up. This will get you to the right menu where you can use your arrow key to select Safe Mode [enter].
Step3: The built-in Administrator account is disabled by default in Windows 7. However, if no other administrative accounts exist on the system, it may be enabled. If it is, you will see an icon for Administrator on the Welcome Screen in Safe Mode. Log into Administrator.

Step4: If If you don't see the icon for the Administrator account in Safe Mode, then the built-in Administrator account is still disabled and you'll need to do some more work.
Step5: Try a System Restore to when things were working. If you can log into your own user account, you're finished. Otherwise continue at Step 5.
Step6: The critical files are under %systemdrive%\users\user-account\ntuser. The ntuser.dat file is actually a registry hive. Run Regedit elevated and select HKEY_USERS and "load hive" from the menu. Now navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
Make any necessary changes, close Regedit and try to log in as that user.
Step7: If that doesn't fix your profile, it is corrupted. At that point you should make a new Standard user account and copy your data to it. Do not delete the old account until you have retrieved the data you need!
This method is so complex for me (a computer idiot) to understand what it meaning.

In the end, hope the top 3 ways can help you enable disabled administrator account in Toshiba Windows 7 successfully. Best wishes to you.