Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to reset Windows 8.1 forgotten password without reset disk

“ I forgot my Windows 8.1 password, don't have a reset disk to recover the password, and I don't know how to create a reset disk. Can you tell me how to reset Windows 8.1 password no reset disk.” You know happiness always happens in the corner. We will share 3 popular methods about recover Windows 8.1 forgotten password without reset disk.

Method1: Try Windows 8.1 builtin Administrator to reset forgotten Windows 8.1. password.
There is a builtin Administrator account on any Windows operating system. It is without a hidden password protected by default. This is why you can not see it or even do not know it either. If you didn't ever set a password for it and you can unhide it to reset forgotten Windows 8.1 password.

Step1: You start your computer and press ”Ctrl+Alt+Delete” twice at the login Screen.
Step2: You just type Administrator in the username box and leave the password box blank.
Step3: You hit Enter  key and then log into the Windows system.
Step4: You go to “Start -> Control Panel ->User Accounts” to reset the forgotten Windows 8.1 password.

Method2: Login Windows 8.1 via Microsoft MSN account.
Microsoft account is another way to log in Windows 8.1 when it is locked with local accounts, as long as your computer has set up to sign in to Windows 8.1 with Microsoft account. Turn to choose the Microsoft account and login Windows 8.1 with it. Select email account and type password.
If your Microsoft account password has been forgotten too, please take another available administrator or Windows Password Genius Advanced to reset Microsoft account password or Windows 8.1 other user passwords.

Method3: Recover Windows 8.1 password with professional Password Recovery Tool.
If you cannot regain access to your locked Windows 8.1 machine with the above 2 methods, then using a professional Windows password reset tool like Windows Password Key is the best choice. Below are the simple steps to use this tool:

Step1: Get Windows Password Key from:
Step2: Create a CD/DVD Windows password reset disk with the tool.
Step3: Boot your locked computer from USB or CD/DVD.
Step4: Select a user you want to reset its password.
Step5: Click reset button to start Windows 8.1 password reset.
Step6: Reboot computer and login with blank password.
Windows Password Key is the ideal choice for to recover forgotten Windows 8.1 password, which is the best choice for you.