Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to Boot Your Locked Vista Computer from the Newly Burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

Normally, you can install Windows Vista to your computer with CD, DVD or USB flash drive. You can boot your Vista from the newly burned disc. However, once your computer is locked, how to boot your locked Windows Vista computer from the newly burned CD/DVD/USB flash drive? This article is going to discuss about it.

How to boot a locked Vista computer from the newly burned CD, DVD, USB flash drive? Here you can use Windows Password Key to do that. This program is designed to unlock password of any Windows system and it is always updated the version and function to support more and more Windows computer. It has 3 versions, Standard supports CD/DVD and Professional and Enterprise version support CD/DVD/USB.

Part 1: How to Burn Newly CD/DVD/USB

Step 1: Since your Vista computer is locked, you have to download Windows Password Key from HERE in another accessible Windows-based computer. It can be any Windows system.
Step 2: Install this software to the accessible computer, and then double click to open it. And then you will see the user interface.
Step 3: One is Quick Recovery, the other is Advanced Recovery. From the Quick Recovery, you can create a password reset CD/DVD/USB with default ISO image file. From the Advanced Recovery, you can create an advanced password reset CD/DVD/USB which has better hardware compatibility. Normally speaking, choose the Quick Recovery is okay.
Step 4: Then you have to choose your CD/DVD or USB flash drive. And then click the Burn button.

Step 5: And then it will pop up a window, which hints that your flash drive will be formatted, and all your data in the disc will be lost. Do you want to go on now? Just click Yes. And then Restart the computer.

Part 2: How to Boot Locked Windows Vista from CD/DVD/USB

In this part, you need to take the below disc to your locked Windows Vista computer. Then you need to restart it and then press F10 or Delete key to enter the BIOS setting. And then change the BIOS setting to boot from your disc. Then restart your computer again. After that, your locked Windows Vista will boot from the CD/DVD/USB.