Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Password Is Not Recognized in Windows 8, How to Fix It

Question: Password is not recognize in Windows 8, how to fix it?
“Help! Windows 8 is not recognized my password. When I login to my live.com account on Windows 8 it tells me that my password is not correct. I have used the account.live.com/password/reset as directed by the login screen error many times and every time it does not accept the new password. Can you please offer me any assistance in resolving this issue? Or point me in the direction of a resolution? Are there issues with the password that my PC is checking against not updating properly?

Most of the "answers" I have seen indicate you can't help with password issues, but, obviously I am not having any issue typing in the correct password as I am logged into my account on another computer to type this, nor am I having any trouble changing the password as I have done this multiple items this morning. Sorry, but I am a little stressed that I am unable to login to my main PC since I went to bed last night. So does anyone know what to do when the password is not recognized in Windows 8? Thank you for your assistance in this matter!”

Answer 1:
Hi everyone -- not really an answer or solution here, but I had exactly the same problem as stated above.  Microsoft clearly doesn't have any solution to this (or even a desire to help).  What I had to do was the following:
1. Restore the PC from a last known good configuration:  hold down "shift" while selecting "Restart" -- this brings up some start up config settings.
2. In this start up config, find the menu item "Restore" (or something similar) and perform a restore from a last known configuration.  In my case, the last available restore was just a few days prior to my password problem.  This took approx. 20 minutes (for me), but after it completed, I was able to log in to my administrator account with my OLD password (not my most recent Microsoft Live password).
3. Go into Setup > PC Settings > Users and deselect password for the administrator account.  You will have to enter the password one last time (again, the OLD password) but when prompted for a new password, leave all the fields blank.
After doing this, I now have a local administrator profile that does not require a password.  I also deselected passwords for all of the other user profiles.

Answer 2:
Hi Everyone, I Also experienced the password problem with both local account and MS ID. The problem is that Win8 changes your keyboard so if your password contains characters other than letters and number, you are most likely entering incorrect characters without knowing. Best thing to do is enter your password in the username field so you can see the characters. Then at the bottom right, change your keyboard and test again.