Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to Deal With Administrator Account is Disabled in Dell Windows 10

Since Windows 10 published on last month, a part of Windows users upgraded to Windows 10. However, a popular thing occurred on Windows 10. Administrator account disabled in Dell Windows 10, how can we deal with it?
How to enable the administrator account.
Step1: With the "Win + X" key combination to open the Run, Run box, type: net user administrator / active: yes and click OK.
Step2: Then ALT + F4, select Log, you can see the administrator account, click enter. Remember to log out the best exit and re-enter their account, the next reboot will automatically enter the administrator account. Later want to use the administrator account, log saw.
How to disable the administrator account.
Step1: Open Run as "Win + X" key combination, in the run box type: net user administrator / active: no.
Step2: Log off the system administrator account is gone!

Step3: Direct access to the application with the Administrator account (Administrator account metro application activation).
Step4: With "Win + R", then enter: gpedit.msc --- --- Start the Group Policy Editor Computer Configuration --- Windows Settings Security Settings --- --- --- Local Policies Security Options, look on the right a strategy: "User account Control: For built-in administrator account in Admin Approval Mode", double-click to open the change to "Enabled", determined to exit to restart your computer.
How to deal with administrator account is disabled in Dell Windows 10.
Step1: Then enter Win8 desktop, you simultaneously press win + X on the keyboard shortcut to open a shortcut window of the computer, open the window, you click to select Command Prompt option.
Step2: Open the Command Prompt window, you enter the net local group Administrators command, and then press Enter, the feedback window that appears, you check whether there is only one Administrator account.
Step3: And then you restart your own win8 computer into safe mode, the time log, you can see the administrator account, and you click on the account login. 
Step4: After entering the system, you simultaneously press win + R to open the Run window, and in which you enter "netplwiz.exe and press Enter to open the window, you select the account to be set and double-click to open, after the switching the "Group Members" tab, the "Test 1" is set to the account "Administrator (Administrator group), and click the OK button, and then return to the" Advanced User Account Control "and then click OK. 
Using a tool to deal with administrator account is disabled in Dell Windows 10.
Windows Password Key, a much popular tool for Windows password reset on Google, so you can learn more about it as below.

Step1: Download Windows Password Key on any PC you can access to.
Step2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB drive with this program in minutes.
Note: Make sure the CD/DVD is blank and writeable, the USB drive is blank, or the data will be erased after burning.
Step3: Insert the reset disk in your locked computer, boot the computer from the disk.
Step4: Then you can use the newly created reset disk to recovery your disabled administrator account Windows 10 password easy and fast.
I hope that after reading this blog, you can get the answers for how to deal with administrator account disabled in Dell Windows 10.