Monday, 29 July 2013

How to Unlock Windows 8 Password to Access Lock Computer?

Not surprisingly, Windows 8 - the latest Microsoft operating system, the biggest trouble is forgotten Windows 8 password. If you google search for “how to unlock Windows 8 password”, you’ll get kinds of solutions.

unlock windows 8 password
Among those Windows 8 password unlocker methods, maybe most of them are difficult to solve your forgotten Windows 8 password issue. Well, what you need to get is just the very most recommended Windows 8 password reset means.

For this purpose, here I would like to share top 3 Windows 8 password recovery options with you, so that you can get into your locke computer as soon as possible.However, just as every coin has tow sides, any of them has its advantages and disadvantages.Make sure that you take use of the appropriate solutions for your circumstance.

Solution 1: Unlock Windows 8 Password with Windows Password Hint

Every Win 8 user can create a password hint when setting a Win 8 password. In this way, it can help us keep in mind the forgotten or lost Windows 8 password. If we input an wrong password on Windows 8, this password hint will appear Immediately. So it is time for you to use this password hint if you have created it in advance. Of course, with it , you can remember lost Windows 8 password( easily and regain access to your locked win 8 PC quickly.

Solution 2: Unlock Password Windows 8 by another Available Admin Account

What you need to Confirm is that: Do your Win 8 system have inbuilt administrator account or another admin account? If so, It is quite simple for you to unlock Windows 8 login password.
First click My Computer icon, then select Manage, it will display you Computer Management. After that you can click Local Users and Groups folder and Users folder. You will see All Win 8 accounts. Right-click the account which you need to reset for, then click Reset Password to Unlock this forgotten Windows 8 password.

Solution 3: Unlock Lost Windows 8 Password with Windows Password Key 8.0

Mainly because many PC users forgot Windows 8 password with no password hint or another admin account. Here we highly suggest that you try third-party software like Windows Password Key 8.0.

As the name indicates, windows Password Key 8.0 can help you unlock forgotten Windows 8 password with a bootable password reset disk on CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Then you can log into Windows 8 without entering any password. In addition, you are able to create a new password to avoid unauthorized gain access to by somebody else. Here let us see how to unlock forgotten Windows 8 password with Windows Password Key 8.0.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key( on an accessible PC.
Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD/USB in computer, next you'll be able to burn a Windows 8 password reset disk in a few seconds.
Step 3: Boot the locked PC from the burned disk, and then you can reset Windows 8 password under WinPE within a few clicks.
Step 4: Click "Reboot" to restart Win 8 PC, and login without password.

Not clear? Here is a video guide on how to unlock Windows 8 Password with Windows Password Key 8.0 can help you:

With these Windows 8 password unlocker methods above, you can regain access to your locked Win 8 system easily. Come on, give it a try to unlock your forgotten Windows 8 password!

Monday, 15 July 2013

How to Crack Windows 8 Administrator/ User Password

“I forgot my Windows 8 password and please tell me how to crack Windows 8 password that I can regain access to my locked computer. By the way, I am the only admin of my laptop.” From Jerry.

crack windows 8 password
Did you have similar experience with Jerry and have nothing to do with the locked computer? Well, I belive most Win 8 users have similar experience with Jerry and I can totally understand what most of you is worried about. It is no fun when forgot Windows 8 password. Here are three available methods about how to hack Windows 8 password, each of them can help you regain access to Windows 8. Note that method 1 and 2 have some limitations, Method 3 is a universal solution.

Option 1: Crack Windows 8 Password with System Repair Disc

If you have a Windows 8 installation disc in hand, you had better take advantage of it to crack Windows 8 login password instantly. Below are the step by step guide for you:

1. Insert the disk into your locked Win 8 computer and restart your PC.
2. Choose the language settings, click “Next”.
3. Choose the recovery option, click “Next”.

Note: It is not a wise way for you to crack password Windows 8 through installing system. This is because you will lose all data on your PC. So reinstalling Win 8 is the last option when you forgot your Windows 8 password.

Option 2: Try a Windows 8 Password Crack Freeware - Ophcrack

If you are good at computing and have enough patience with operating such a complicated tool, you can give it a try. However, Ophcrack can’t crack a password which is ove 14 characters. Moreover, Ophcrack doesn’t support most PC.

Option 3: Get a professional Windows 8 Password Cracker—Windows Password Key

With high quality and friendly user interface, Windows Password Key is the most popular Windows 8 password cracker tool. Even a computer novice can crack forgotten Windows 8 password with it. Below are the detail guide to help you crack your lost Windows 8 login password in 3 steps.

Step 1: You need to prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB flash Drive, and access any other available computer.
Step 2: Download Windows Password Key Professional( and install the program. Run the program , select change local account password, Tick burn the image file to CD/DVD or USB, specify the location of you CD/USB drive. Click "Burn" to burn a Windows password reset CD/USB.
Step 3: Now turn to your computer, Boot up the computer with the newly created CD, and you will see the program starts working. Then a black doc will appear, choose the right number to change Windows Password.

To crack password Windows 8, don't do this thing- reinstall system. It will cause all data loss! Try the 3 solutions above and the last one will really help you crack your forgotten Windows 8 Password!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Hack Windows 8 Password if Forgot or Lost?

Most of our Win 8 users have no idea to hack Windows 8 password when forgot or lost it. Well, it is very common for us to forgot Windows 8 password, but it is no hard to hack it at least. Thus, you have no necessary to worry about it.

hack windows 8 password
First, you should try Windows-provided way, the only stuff you have to prepare is win 8 password reset disk. However, most of win 8 users have not created this disk in advance either because they never thought they would lost Windows 8 password one day or unaware of this feature existed. Luckily all of you, all kinds of Windows 8 password hacker tool are available today. You can free download them from any accessible computer and then burn a win 8 password reset disk on your CD/DVD/USB. At last use this disk to hack password Windows 8 on your locked computer. Here I would like to share 3 popular Windows 8 password hacker with all of you.

Top 1: Ophcrack

Have you ever heard about Ophcrack? It is the most popular Windows 8 password reset tool for its free and open source superiority. What you need to do is go to the official website to download and burn the OPHCRACK Live CD and boot the PC using the Live CD. However, it is hard to operate especially for computer newbie, as it requires some computer skills. Moreover, you may fail to bypass Windows 8 password sometimes. In other words, it is no suitable for computer newbie.

Top 2: Windows Password Key

As an easy-to-use-tool, Windows Password Key( is designed for hacking Windows domain or local passwords on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2011/2008/2003. Well, you can hack your lost Windows 8 password within 4 minutes, no matter the length or complex of your password. Besides Windows password hacker function, you can create a new account as well.

Easy (Download – Burn – Reset);
Fast (Takes Only 4 minutes even less);
Safe (Without any data loss).

Top 3: Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows Password Recovery tool is a professional Windows 8 password recovery software which can help you hack password Windows 8 easily and quickly. With it, you can create a password reset CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive that works at the time of booting process and hack forgotten Windows 8 password within 3 steps. It also supports any Windows system and any brands PC.

Windows 8 Password Hacker Tools Aren’t Necessary if You’re Proactive!

Ok, if you have win 8 password reset disk, you have no need to use those Windows 8 password hacker tools. This is a special disk which you only need to insert in your win 8 computer during the logon process and then you can hack your forgotten win 8 password with it. Well, it is a good habit for you to create a win 8 password reset disk when set a win 8 password. You may forget your password one day, who knows. Still have difficult in creating one: Visit: How to Create a Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

At last, I hope this Windows 8 password hacker solutions can help all of you.