Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Fix Require Password on Wakeup Missing in Windows 10

A part of Windows 10 users are facing the trouble of Windows 10 wakeup missing require password. But they don't know how to cancel that password. Below we can learn how to cancel wakeup missing required password easily.

How to set the wake password is required in Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click the desktop space, in the pop-up menu, select "personalized"; then to click the Screen Saver and Screen Saver Settings screen, click on "Change Power Settings", as in Figure 2.
Step 2: The power settings set interface, click on the left of the "Require a password on wakeup" option.

Step 3: The next page, we need to first click "Change Settings is currently unavailable," or else the following options cannot be set.
Step 4: The general situation is that the default choice [Require a password]. Therefore, in the third step to set up a screen saver when you can achieve the basic standby computer password.

How to cancel the sleep wake Password in Windows 10

Install a new version of Windows 10 systems friend if you set the sleep function, the system will default passwords need to wake up, a lot of trouble, here about how to cancel wakeup password.

Step 1: Press win (window key) + X key combination. In the pop-up menu, select Control Panel.
Step 2: Select System and Security to enter, select Power Options to enter.

Step 3: Require password option is selected to wake, select Change Settings is currently unavailable.
Step 4: Check the bottom without a password, click the button to save the changes.

Under Windows 10 systems require a password to wake how to cancel

Step 1: Click the bottom left corner of the desktop menu system.
Step 2: the pop-up menu in the system menu bar click All applications.

Step 3: to find Windows systems grouped under the W in all applications inside.
Step 4: Click the Windows system control panel.

Step 5: the pop-up control panel interface where one click System and Security.
Step 6: Click on System and Security Power Options inside below require a password to wake the computer.

Step 7: click Change settings that are currently unavailable interface.
Step 8: do not need to choose a password on wakeup option in a password-protected.
Step 9: Click Save Changes settings to take effect.

In the end, have you acquired how to fix Windows 10 wake missing require password? If the trouble to you is about how to recover lost password. You can get more detail answers on our website.