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Windows 8 Tablets Have Over iPad and Android in 10 Advantages

In order to bring the OS into the hot tablet segment, Microsoft designed Windows 8 to run on tablets. Though the iPad is the king in the tablet area and Android tablet are solid, Windows 8 has its own advantages over them. Sever as a full PC OS, Win 8 brings lots of vital capabilities to the tablet. These 10 advantage are significant enough to break the iPad and Android out from the rest. Here I would like to list them one by one for you.

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Top 1: Multiple Users

Now, Windows 8 tablets have long supported multiple user accounts on a single PC. You can set up each user with his own account. In this way, all settings and files which belongs to each will be protected. Just like each user having his own tablet, all within one device.

Top 2: Multiple Monitors

The powerful Windows 8 models are essentially full desktop systems in a slate form and can hook hook external monitors up to a tablet. Did it sounds silly? Well, the can drive a full desktop configuration easily. In addition, they can be used as a core module in a setup with monitors, keyboard, mouse, and any other peripherals needed.
Some users have gotten used to having multiple monitors at the desktop, and Windows 8 handles that with aplomb. Configuring the monitors is a simple process that works just as well with tablets as it does other system forms.

Top 3: Use any Peripherals

The Windows peripherals is huge, and that extends onto the tablet. Peripherals that work aren't restricted to the multiple monitors indicated on the previous slide, virtually any type of hardware that connects with standard connectors can be used with tablets.

Top 4: Snap View Rocks!

What is snap view? It is the ability to run and display two apps side-by-side. This is a very useful way to work with two programs together. Snap view in Windows 8 is nice enough and improvements in the upcoming Windows 8.1 make it even better.

Some Samsung Galaxy Android tablets have this capability (called multiview) but it is more limited than the Windows 8 snap view. Any two apps can be snapped together in Windows 8, even the legacy desktop, while Samsung's method only works with certain apps.

Top 5: Full-blown File Manager

Work as a good file handler on any platform, Windows File Manager has long been a fixture on desktops. This ia a powerful feature on a tablet as it can perform any file function.
Of course, the iPad and Android tablets also have its third party file managers, but few of those are as powerful as the Windows manager.  Windows 8 includes it in the box so tablet owners have it at their beck and call.

Top 6: File Encryption

For mobile devices, security is especially vital as the data can be lost or stolen. File encryption is a good way to keep ata private no matter what is to encrypt everything. Moreover, it can't be viewed without a security key.
In Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise edition, you can make file encryption through entering Bitlocker. With this encryption method, you can render a lost or stolen tablet useless for the finder/thief while protecting your private data or make sure only you can access the data.

Top 7: Pen Support

Windows 8 is the best platform for supporting handwritten input as it leverages pen input fully. Though OneNote and Windows Journal work are not limited to each, they work particularly well with the pen. The onscreen keyboard used in Windows 8 for touch entry can be switched to handwritten entry on tablets with a pen. The automatic text recognition can understand even poor handwriting for entry as text.

Top 8: Bing News app

Among lots of news reader apps on all the mobile platforms, Bing News app in Windows 8 is the best. It is a joy to use as it suited fro touch operation on tablets.

Top 9: Run any Browser

All of the popular browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) can be used on a Windows tablet so everyone's preference will work. Internet Explorer is pretty good in Windows 8 but it's nice to have options.

Top 10: Run Powerful Software

Windows 8 can run any legacy software which means even powerful programs like AutoCAD and Photoshop can be installed and used. This turns the tablet into a good work tool for even professionals in the most demanding professions. If it runs on a Windows workstation, chances are it will run on a Windows 8 tablet.

Note: some of these advantages exist on Windows RT tablets but not all of them. This article was written for tablets with Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Pro is used on numerous tablets currently available.

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