Friday, 14 March 2014

Windows 8.1 Brings 5 Key Changes for Enterprise and Business Users

Not only focused on top-level changes for consumers, the release of Windows 8.1 also alterations aimed more squarely at business users. Here I would like to share five key changes on Win 8.1 for you!

Change 1: Locked-down screens

It is a change to the way apps are added to and moved around the start screen. This is one of the biggest features on the release of Windows 8.1. In this way, it is not easy for us messing up Start screen tiles. Moreover, By letting you long-press or right-click on the tile, Windows 8.1 brings up a Customize icon you use to make alterations.
Does it a helpful improvement? Of course, it should be. But the ability to create a pre-defined layout of tiles and then apply that across multiple machines is more significant for business users. Well, you can export it as an XML file using a PowerShell command, and then apply that to specific user profiles if you have created a master layout.

Change 2: Tethering

You are able to ether Windows devices to a mobile phone on Windows 8.1 even there is no Wi-Fi around. Well, it is known to all that Wi-Fi is not as cheap as all over the world. So all of us want to be able to use mobile broadband to connect. In this way, we have simplified the way to tether. Though the performance is often poor with more than 8, it supports up to 10 connections.

Change 3: Miracast and NFC support

It is more easier to connect devices to external displays as indows 8.1 supports for the wireless MiraCast standard. The performance lag makes you fell unlikely that you had used it for everyday connection. However, it is a potentially useful option for conference rooms. In additional, Windows 8.1 also built-in support for NFC pairing to enterprise printers.

Change 4: In-app VPNs

Though VPNs remain one of the most common ways to protect corporate data, implementation is often fiddly. So in Windows 8.1, it built in the ability for app writers to go and build in a VPN directly into the system and build it in directly to their apps. Of course, not having a system-wide VPN, the app writer can go and do that.

Change 5: Windows 8.1 Industry Edition

It is really desirable to create a system which only runs a single app especially in retail and education environments. (For example, emonstrating a product or running an entertainment system on a plane.) Here comes Windows 8.1 Industry Edition, which can be locked down to run a single app and more tightly configured to prevent unexpected usage as well.

Feeling good? If you find any other key changes on Windows 8.1, please don’t hesitate to share with us!

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